Tool Identification Chart


When ordering Huot products it is important to determine what type and size toolholder you possess. Compare your toolholder to those illustrated below.  Click on the toolholder image that best matches and measure the D1 dimension. Compare that to the dimension charts.


The information and dimensions displayed are for part identification purposes only. Dimensions shown in (parentheses) are in millimeters, all others are in inches.



“V-Flange” toolholders have a conical tapered shank.

CAPTO™ including C4, C5, C6, and C8 are distinctively known for their tapered polygon shape as shown.

HSK’s have a short hollow taper and we have identified 6 different styles.

KM™ toolholders have two angled holes through the shank called "ball tracks" which act as a clamping mechanism.

VDI toolholders come in many different shapes and sizes. One distinctive feature is the shaft is serrated on one side as shown in the illustration.

C series/3J/R8 collets have a narrow cylindrical body and a short tapered head.

ER/RD/DR collets have a single shallow angled taper.

TG collets, short for tremendous grip, have a single shallow-angled taper similar to ER/RD/DR collets, but the difference between the types can be discerned by comparing dimensions.

DA is short for double angle which refers to the two short angles which hold the tool in place.


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