Huot U-Size-It TriScoot


Huot U-Size-It TriScoot

24 custom sized holes per shelf

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Huot U-Size-It TriScoot CNC Tool Cart

  • Although we build carts for almost twenty different toolholder sizes ranging from the common BT, CAT and HSK sizes to the most obscure, we don’t cover them all. With that in mind and knowing someone out there still needs our help, we’ve devised a cart just for them.
  • This customizable product consists of a 3 shelf TriScoot with a 3/8″ thick polycarbonate sheet secured to each metal shelf. Each shelf can have up to 24 custom openings up to  2.188″ in diameter. 
  • EDP 13915 available with 18 openings per sheet with a maximum diameter of 3.250″
  • All you need to do is provide us with the dimension at the top of the longest plane (shown as D1 on the diagram shown here) on your toolholder and we’ll mill the holes in the polycarbonate to fit your need.


Weight 100 lbs
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