Huot TriScoot Quick Grip QG-100 collets


Huot TriScoot for quick grip collets

for Quick Change – Quick Grip

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Huot TriScoot Quick Grip Collet Cart

The Quick Grip Collet TriScoot comes with 3 shelves. The shelves can be assembled in as many as 8 different positions (heights) allowing for maximum flexibility to fit your specific need. Each cart is designed to hold a specific size of collet be it 42, 65, 80 or 100, however if you ask us nicely, we’ll be happy to mix and match your shelves with other sizes that we offer. The QG – 100 TriScoot ships with heavy duty 5” casters to provide you with quick and easy movement of your collets. The three shelves of the QG-100 cart will hold 33 collets.

Quick Change


Flex C

Weight 105 lbs
Dimensions 27.3125 × 18.50 × 41.75 in


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