HSK40A Tool Storage and Transport

ABSTriscoot3 Huot Manufacturing Company announces the addition of two new products to our CNC tool storage line.

Utilizing our Triscoot chassis, we’ve developed  EDP 13964 where each of the 3 shelves  holds 24 HSK40A tools. 72 total tool holing locations.

(Different hole configuration shown )

Additionally, we’ve added a new item to the Huot ToolScoot Tree line. EDP 55964 which also holds HSK40A tooling. There are 6 shelves total, 5 for toolholding up to 18 tools ( 90 total ) plus a utility shelf for your accessories. The shelves have a polycarbonate sheet attached to the steel shelf to protect your tooling.

For more information please call us at 800-832-3838

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