Huot 55751 330-271

Wall Tree Locker 50 Taper

EDP# 55751.

Huot Wall Tree Locker for 50 Taper

Holds 30 toolholders

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Product Description


Shelves mount flat or at a -20 degree angle for easy viewing and access

Includes 3 toolholder shelves for 50 taper toolholders , holds 30 toolholders

Nylon inserts protect and securely hold toolholders

Wall Tree toolholder shelves interchange with the ToolScoot Tree. Different taper toolholder shelves can be used together

Frame and shelves made of rugged 12 and 16 gauge steel.

Reinforced doors lock to keep valuable tools secure and protect against chips &debris

Accessories for shelves are available for your specific needs

The Huot Wall Tree Locker stores, organizes and protects your toolholders from dust, debris and theft.

Increase your productivity and efficiency with other Huot products designed specifically for production shop use.


Additional Information

Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 15.75 x 31.25 x 46.50 in