Covers for 45, 50 & HSK100A taper


For Huot ToolScoots with 45, 50 or HSK100A tapers

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For Huot ToolScoots with 45, 50 or HSK 100A tapers

  • Patent Pending
  • Safety: Helps protect machine operator from accidental injuries on sharp tooling
  • Tool Saver: Helps protect other tooling from getting damaged when retrieving tooling
  • Security: Semi-transparent top reduces industrial espionage while still allowing the operator to see the tooling
  • Set-up: Top can be written on with a dry erase marker. A great aid for faster set-ups
  • Lock down: Covers are held in place with “key hole” slots molded into the base
  • Timesaver: Keeps staged tooling clean and ready to go
  • Economical: Far cheaper than stitches and helps keep everyone safe, productive and working
  • Inside utile dimensions 4.375” at the base, 2.500” at the top, 13.375” high

Check out our Tooling Safety Cover YouTube video here!

Huot protective tooling cover

Weight 1 lbs


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